How to Add Seats & Users (also called Team Members)

1. Login at and click “Billing”, then “Accounts” and then click on your ScoutIQ Account in Blue:

2. Now click “Edit Plan”:

3. Now you will be adding a “Seat” for your new “User”.

You can choose to add either Basic seats for $10/month or Pro seats for $30/month. Only Pro seats come with our downloadable database, giving you offline scanning capabilities.

Add a seat for each user want to add at this time:

4. Now complete your purchase. Once your purchase is complete, go "Users" on the left menu:

5. A new page will open, on that page, click the blue "Invite Users" button:

6. Enter the email address of the person you'd like to add designate them as an “Organizational Admin” or “Regular User”:

> "Organization Admin" means the user/team member will have access to everything in the Organization. This includes the ability to purchase more accounts, manage users, change/view billing details, etc.

> "Regular User" means the user/team member will only have access to the accounts specified and will not have access to anything else associated with the Organization.

Tip: Unless you want your team member to have full account access to your account, we'd recommend adding them as a "Regular User" rather than an "Organization Admin".

7. Next, under Applications, select your ScoutIQ Account:

Tip: You can also click the Blue link next to your account noting “LivePro” Or “Basic” to modify your seats:

8. Your team member will then receive an email inviting them to be a user of your account. Please note that all costs associated with adding a team member will apply. Please proceed slowly and completely read through this step, if you are adding a team member real-time. The second part of this step is critical.

Important: After accepting, they will see a “Thank you screen”, it is critical that you advise them not to close this screen because a second page will load prompting them to create a Threecolts Account. This step is critical as it is when they create their login credentials.

They will will then have to confirm their email address again via email:

9. Once they have completed the steps from Step 8, you will see the status of their invitation change from “Pending” to “Active”:

10. We are almost done! Now, just launch your ScoutIQ account from the Threecolts Product Page by pressing "Launch", so that you can set your newly added user’s permissions.

11. Select “Team” from the menu that comes up, on the left:

12. You can toggle Hidden Mode ON or OFF on this screen:

Tip: Changes to “Hidden Mode” are automatic, your secondary user does not need to log out of the app for them to take effect.

Hidden Mode allows your team member to only see a Green ACCEPT or a Red REJECT, and none of the profit information. This level of access is ideal if you do not want your team member to analyze purchases.

However, if you want them to be able to make more complex purchasing decisions by evaluating the information presented on the scout screen, as you do, you may want to leave this toggled off.

13. Now your team member is ready to head out on a scouting adventure! They simply need to download the ScoutIQ app on their phone from the App or Play store, and login with the email address and password they created in Step 8.

Tip: If they ever forget this password and need it reset, they can use the same “Forgot Password” link you use, at

If you have any questions or issues please email, we are here to help!

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