How to Remove Users and Seats (also known as Team Members)

  1. Login at and select “Users” from the menu on the left:

  2. Scroll over to the space next to your team member account, when you scroll over them, three grey dots will appear. Once you click them, a “Remove User” button will appear:

  3. Click the “Remove User” button, this will bring up a confirmation page. Click the Blue "Yes" button and you will see that user disappear.

  4. Now, just navigate to "Billing" then "Accounts", and click on your ScoutIQ Account in Blue:

    5. Lastly, just double check the number of users you are paying for on this screen, to confirm you are only paying for as many users as you want (including yourself):

    If this is correct you're done! If you have any issues at all, please email

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