Onboarding Email 5

Subject: Wholesale Integrations with ScoutIQ!

It's Day 5! Now that you're getting more comfortable with ScoutIQ we'd like to introduce you to a few of our partners that will help you make money with the ScoutIQ App!

BookScouter.com is a comparison shopping website that helps buy, sell, and rent textbooks and used books online. For any book you scan with your ScoutIQ app, you can tap the BookScouter icon on your screen and quickly see what this book is selling for with 30+ buyback vendors, compare those offers, and consider whether you'd prefer to sell your book to one of those vendors, rather than on Amazon. Just look for the stack-of-books BookScouter logo, at the bottom of your ScoutIQ scout screen.

Click that logo, and it will take you to your BookScouter account where you can view other offers available for the book you just scanned:

Sell Back Your Book (SBYB) is a great way for you to get quick cash for your books, and if you're a bulk-seller, it's a great tool to help you monetize your duds! Go to "Settings" on the app and make sure SellBackYourBook is toggled on under "Wholesale Integration". Then start scanning! When you scan a book if the SBYB box shows up GREEN, this is the price that you can get from SBYB if you send them your book right away instead of waiting for it to sell on Amazon. Be sure to turn on "Wholesale Audio Cues", then if your regular triggers show up as Reject and SBYB's buyback price is higher than your buy cost, it'll give you a different Accept tone. With this integration you can build your shipment to SBYB right in the app, by tapping that green box and adding the books to your cart. You can create a shipment once you have a minimum cart value of $7.50. Once you do, you can print a shipping label right from ScoutIQ!

Here is a detailed walkthrough of this feature from way back in 2019 when we first rolled out this feature! Shout out to our former owner Caleb & our old friend Bill Martlink at SBYB in this video!

Restricted Inventory (RI) sells your in-demand restricted Popular Textbooks, CDs, and DVDs, sharing the net profit on a 50:50 basis while guaranteeing that their share never exceeds $20. If you scan a book, and it comes up restricted/gated for you, you can either go through the process of applying for approval to sell that item on Amazon, or you can check out the RI offer on your screen, and send it to them. Restricted Inventory sells your restricted textbooks for you on an ungated account that has permission to sell high risk textbooks.You can also completely build and ship shipments from the ScoutIQ app and get your FedEx label. They cover all prep costs for FREE! Remember you can pay $0 and get your shipping label and they will factor in your shipping cost to them AFTER your item sells and split the profits 50:50!

 Action Step: Be sure to keep an eye out for these features on your scout screen when you’re out scouting today!We will be back tomorrow with one final email sharing a few additional resources for you, but if you’d like to check them out today, click here.

-The ScoutIQ Team

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