Onboarding Email 6

Subject: ScoutIQ Additional Resources!


You have made it to our last onboarding email!

We have spent the last few days getting to know ScoutIQ, but we have even more excellent resources available for you! Be sure to check out the "Training Videos" section of our web portal. Just login at manager.threecolts.com, click "Products" and then "Launch" ScoutIQ, and go to "Training Videos" on the menu.

This section is a full training course on how to get your business up and going. While the format of the app has changed since some of these videos were made, the content is an excellent primer on getting your business up and running.

You’ll also want to check out the Book Flipper youtube channel this channel was started by ScoutIQ’s founder Caleb Roth aka The Book Flipper, and even though the Threecolts Group now owns ScoutIQ the wealth of knowledge provided by Caleb’s years of experience is available to all of our customers in this channel!

Lastly, check out our support site support.scoutiq.co, the articles and How-to’s at this site are being updated all the time!

We are also here to help with anything you need, so feel free to reach out to Live Chat with us at manager.threecolts.com or email us at support@scoutiq.co with any questions that may arise!

Happy Scouting!

-The ScoutIQ Team
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