Understanding Trigger Ranges

There are 12 trigger ranges that come pre-loaded with ScoutIQ.  The ranges are built off of both eScore and Sales Rank, and have been preset to reflect the estimated amount of time until the book is likely to sell again (determined by its sales history).  We've correlated eScore to Sales Rank, as shown in the table below.

Here are the trigger ranges:

Trigger NumbereScore RangeSales Rank RangeEstimated Time Until Next Sale
1 151+1 - 50k<1 day
2115 - 15050k - 125k1 day
371 - 114125k - 250k1-2 days
446 - 70250k - 500k2-3 days
525 - 45500k - 900k4-7 days
613 - 24900k - 1.4M1-2 weeks
76 - 121.4M - 2.1M2-4 weeks
83 - 52.1M - 3M 1-2 months
91 - 23M - 6M3-6 months
1006M - 10M>6 months
11010M - 20M>6 months
120no rankfeeling lucky?

Please note - these assumptions assume that the sales rate is steady, and do not necessarily apply to textbooks or other seasonal items.  Please use these as general guidelines, not guarantees.

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