How To Download the ScoutIQ Database

With a LivePro subscription of ScoutIQ, you can download our database of books and media items to access Amazon’s information offline, when you don't have access to a cell signal or Wi-Fi. It also allows you to scan books faster, as compared to Live mode.

Please note: The database is only available to customers who have signed up for a LivePro plan. If you are subscribed to the Live Plan, this article will help you upgrade your account if you'd like to access Amazon's data offline.

To download the database, click the "Database" button along the bottom of your screen.

Now click the "Download Database" button and the process will start. If you have downloaded the database previously, you can see the last time you've updated your database and you can also test the database to ensure that it's working.


For best results, leave your phone's screen on and leave the phone alone for 4-5 minutes - just enough time to brew a cup of coffee!

Click OK and your download will begin and a counter will appear.

Note: We strongly recommend downloading the database at home when you have a strong, steady, uninterrupted internet connection, before you go out scouting!

You'll know that the download is complete when the counter disappears. You can then click the “Test Database” button to ensure that it’s working properly.

You can also set your scanning mode to “Database Only”, under “Settings” and scan a few books to make sure it's fully functional before you head out to scout! The database will not expire, so you can continue to use it as long as you'd like. However, Amazon's marketplace offers are constantly changing, so more recent data will help you make better purchasing decisions. We recommend downloading the database before you head out scouting each day.

When you click the Download Database icon, the app will remove your existing database to clear enough space to download the new database. If your Wi-Fi connection is weak and you're not able to fully download the file, you'll be without access to the database until you can re-download the database, so we recommend finding a strong internet connection before attempting to download the data.

Most download issues are related to a poor or unsteady Wi-Fi connection. Try rebooting your wireless router and turning your phone off and on to reset the connection. Moving closer to the router when you start the download will help establish a better connection, as will pausing other devices that are streaming video on your same wireless connection.

To save space, the books and media items are sorted by ASIN so when scanning in Database Only scanning mode, you can only search by barcode or ISBN.

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