How to Pair a Bluetooth Scanner to your ScoutIQ App

You can start scanning right away using your phone's camera, but a Bluetooth barcode scanner can speed up your scouting process significantly.  Some of the more popular barcode scanners are as follows:

  • KDC200 (and KDC200i)
  • Scanfob Opticon OPN-2002
  • Scanfob Opticon OPN-2005
  • SocketScan S800

We've created barcode sheets to help you to pair your Bluetooth scanner of choice to your Apple iPhone or Android device.  Simply download the appropriate file and follow the steps to connect your scanner!

Do you have a scanner that's not included in the attachments? These are some popular models, butany Bluetooth scanner that can be paired in HID/keyboard mode will work well with our app. The manual that came with your scanner should help you find out how to this.

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