ScoutIQ Settings

This is an overview of each section of the “Settings” section of our app.


Always Awake:

Turn this setting on so the phone's display won't sleep for as long as you're using the app.


If you want audio cues to scout without looking at your phone's screen, turn the Audio switch to the "on" position. There are three audio sounds currently available:

  • A short bell sound - indicates that your triggers have rejected that book
  • A happy ringing sound - indicates that your triggers have accepted that book
  • An angry buzzer sound - indicates that the barcode you scanned didn't return any data. It may not be in the database, or perhaps it isn't a book and therefore it was unable to be found on Amazon.
  • A short bell sound accompanied by a second high-pitched beep will sound if you have “Wholesale Integration” and “Wholesale Audio Cues” toggled on and if your regular triggers show up as Reject and SBYB's buyback price is higher than your buy cost.

Please be considerate to other scouters and store employees and use headphones if you choose to scout with audio cues. If I happen to run into you at a library sale and you are scanning books without headphones and your phone's volume is on full blast, we reserve the right to terminate your subscription immediately! (kidding of course… or are we?)


As an alternative to (or in addition to) audio cues, you can turn on the Vibrate setting so the phone will vibrate on any Accept notifications. On some phone models, you may have to turn the volume up or a separate vibration setting to make the vibration work properly.

ISBN Searches Only:

Some scouts look for books exclusively, and prefer to use only audio triggers. If they accidentally scan a UPC instead of an ISBN, there is a high probability that the live lookup will bring up multiple results. This can slow down the scouting process. If you are only looking for books, turning on this setting will stop the Multiple Results screen from popping up so you can keep scanning quickly. If you scan a non-book on accident, it'll provide a Reject signal so you know to try scanning the next item.

Lock Screen:

It is useful to toggle on if you plan to scan with your phone in your pocket, and will prevent your phone from accidentally going opening another app.

Scanning Mode

Important Note: This section will only appear on your app if you have a LivePro Plan ($44/month or $432/year). With a Live Plan ($14/month or $120/year) your phone will always be in Live mode.

Database Only:
This is our fastest scanning mode. Put your phone in Database Only mode if you are scanning at a location where you do not have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. You will only be able to search for barcodes/ISBNs in this mode. It is the fastest way to scan, but though the database is updated regularly, this information is not live Amazon information.

Data + Live:
We recommend this scanning mode. Data + Live offers the speed of scanning in Database Only mode but also provides you with access to current live information for books not found in our Database when a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is available. Please note this method searches the database first.

Live Only:
Put your phone in Live Only mode if you have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular data connection and you want the most current Amazon information. This is the most accurate/current information, pulled directly from Amazon, and is a slightly slow scanning mode than those listed above.

Custom Link:

Whatever you add here will come up when you click the chain link icon along the bottom of the scout screen.You can select from several pre-filled custom link types, including:

  • ebay Sold which allows you to check eBay to see what an item has sold for. This is particularly useful for items that don’t have a lot of Amazon data, or the price seems to be inflated/abnormally high.
  • eBay Active which allows you to look up other items that might pertain to the item you scanned, on eBay to sell along with your item.
  • shows you offers from all sorts of websites using data from Basically any listing for your book on other sites out there on the internet.
  • AddALL is similar to Bookfinder, but shows you listings from
  • Custom If you have a Keepa subscription you can add it here with this format to see Keepa Data with the chain link icon. However, please note that we now have ChartIQ free using the chart icon at the bottom of the scout screen that tracks the same information, at no extra cost:!product/1-###  You can also upload your scans to a buy list using this section.

This video, from when this feature was launched, explains this section in further detail. The format of the app has changed slightly since it was launched, but there is still valuable information here.

Wholesale Integration:

Sell Back Your Book (SBYB): We have partnered with SellBackYourBook to provide even more options for you. SBYB is a great way for you to get quick cash for your books, and if you're a bulk-seller, it's a great tool to help you monetize your duds! With SellBackYourBook toggled on under "Wholesale Integration" when you scan a book if the SBYB box shows up GREEN, this is the price that you can get from SBYB if you send them your book right away instead of waiting for it to sell on Amazon.

Wholesale Audio Cues:  this setting toggled on, if your regular triggers show up as Reject and SBYB's buyback price is higher than your buy cost, it'll give you a different Accept tone. With this integration you can build your shipment to SBYB right in the app, by tapping that green box and adding the books to your cart. You can create a shipment once you have a minimum cart value of $7.50. Once you do, you can print a shipping label right from ScoutIQ!

If you have any questions about settings, please reach out to us via email at

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