ScoutIQ Scanning Modes

For our LivePro Subscribers*, ScoutIQ offers three scanning modes found in the "Settings" section of the app, each with their unique pros and cons:

  • Database Only: This is our fastest scanning mode. Put your phone in Database Only mode if you are scanning at a location where you do not have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular data connection or you don't want to pay for extra data charges. You will only be able to search for barcodes/ISBNs in this mode. It is the fastest way to scan, but though the database is updated regularly, this information is not live Amazon information.  You can even download the ScoutIQ app to an iPod Touch or a similar device to access the books database without paying for a mobile service plan.  It's sort of a modern approach to the old PDAs that are sometimes still used for book scouting.
  • Data + Live: We recommend this scanning mode. Data + Live offers the speed of scanning in Database Only mode but also provides you with access to current live information for books not found in our Database when a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is available. Please note this method searches the database first.
  • Live Only: This is our most current information, pulled directly from Amazon, but your scanning speed is dependent on the speed Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Put your phone in Live Only mode if you have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular data connection and you want the most current Amazon information.

With any of the scanning modes, you always have the ability to look up live data for each book.  Simply touch the LIVE icon on any scout screen to refresh the screen with real-time results.

*Important Note: This section will only appear on your app if you have a LivePro Plan ($44/month or $432/year). With a Live Plan ($14/month or $120/year) your phone will always be in Live mode.

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