ScoutIQ Plans & Pricing

At ScoutIQ, we offer two scouting plans:

  • ScoutIQ Live - This plan, also known as Live Basic, requires a cell signal or a Wi-Fi connection, and will look up books in live time and return the results directly from Amazon's API. Results take a bit longer to load in Live Mode as compared to Database Mode, so if speed or offline data access are desired, consider the ScoutIQ LivePro plan instead. All other app features, including Smart Triggers, the Scout Lite screen, and the Scan Tracker are included with the ScoutIQ Live plan. Adding a secondary user at a reduced rate is not available with this plan.
  • ScoutIQ LivePro - This plan, formerly known as our “Live + Database'' plan allows you to download the entire ScoutIQ book database to your device and access the data without a cell signal or Wi-Fi connection. Making it perfect for scanning in the basement of libraries, the back of a thrift store, or a remote yard sales. The database also speeds up your scouting, returning results about five times faster to your phone's screen. When paired with a Bluetooth barcode scanner, Database Mode allows you to scan books as fast as you can pick them up! As an added feature you can add a secondary team member at a reduced rate. This article will provide more information about adding secondary accounts.

Both plans include unlimited scans, and can be set up as either a monthly or an annual subscription. Our annual plans offer a significant discount, since they are paid upfront, and are non-refundable. The Live plan starts at $14/month, and the LivePro plan starts at $44/month. Discounts are available for pre-payments. Each license is tied to a specific mobile device, and switching devices is only allowed on a limited basis (primarily to account for lost or new phones).

You can see a video comparing the speeds between Live Mode and Database Mode here:

Here are the pricing plans and discounts available:

Live Plan:

$14/month if paid monthly

$120/year (equivalent of $10/month) if prepaid yearly*


$44/month if paid monthly

$432/year (equivalent of $36/month) if prepaid yearly*

*IMPORTANT: These plans are significantly discounted because they are paid upfront in one lump sum, and non-refundable for the duration of the one-year subscription.

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